3 Important Home Relocation Tips for the Whole Family

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It is always an advantage to plan well in advance when deciding to relocate to a new home. There are many things to take into account and these things should be done in an organized and systematic order to avoid problems in the future. Here are some home relocation tips to follow to make the transfer as smooth as possible:

• Set the date for the relocation in advance because doing so will relieve some of the stress. Ensure that the date planned is not scheduled on a weekend or the holidays because moving rental trucks usually charge high fees during these dates. Choose trucks that can accommodate all the packed things in one trip to minimize time and effort because it is difficult to come back and get some of the things that are left behind from the first trip, aside from paying the charged extra fee for the additional journey. Deciding on the definite date for the move will allow final decisions on what things to be brought along, left behind, given to charity and those that will be sold. Schedule a yard sale for the things to be sold to raise the amount that can be a big help for the expenses to be incurred during the relocation.

• List the things for packing to prioritize on what is to be filled first. Check the things that have been completed before moving on to the next task. Finish packing in one room first before proceeding on to the next, making sure that all things are properly listed. Do the packing weeks in advance by preparing the things carefully in boxes and labeling them properly. Labeling will include which rooms the packed things will go upon arrival for ease in unloading and unpacking. Lighter things should be packed in big boxes while the heavier objects must be placed in smaller ones making it easy to transport and carry them.

• Since the unpacking is usually a problem when everybody is already tired after the trip, devise ways to make the whole family do their unpacking with fun. Turn the tasks into a game and prizes will be given to those who can unpack and arrange their own things well. The game can be extended by allowing them to complete the tasks also in the other rooms. Prizes given should be what is desired by every member of the family, one that they will treasure or a memento of the day they moved into the new house. Instead of making it difficult, this will come as a surprise when everyone is motivated to move and comes as a pleasant experience for them.

These are some of the tips to follow to make relocation a great experience for everybody in the family, instead of making it something to be dreaded.


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